Cookies are small text documents with unique identification numbers downloaded from a website on the internet onto the hard drive of the visitor’s computer in order for the website administrator to be able to identify the visitor’s device, and monitor their activities on the internet.

The unique number helps identify the visitor’s browser each time they visit the website. All cookies that we use are encrypted and no user data is visible. You can refuse or disable cookies at any time, however, doing so will disable most of the functions of the website.

A cookie stores information about your previous visit, such as the preferred language, which user is logged on and other settings. This makes the next visit more convenient and the website more useful. Cookies perform important functions. Thanks to them, the internet can be used more efficiently.

Cookies are used for various purposes, e.g. to remember a user’s safe search settings, display more relevant advertisements, keep track of the number of visitors on a webpage, aid logging on in order to use services, as well as to protect user data.

At the moment and in the future, we may use cookies:

In addition to cookies that provide information for us, we also use cookies that collect and transfer information to third parties, such as Google Analytics. Please check third party websites for more information on the use of cookies. These websites may have different cookie policies that us. Same as first-party cookies, you can block third-party cookies in your browser settings. Some of our cookies may collect and store your personal information, such as your name or email address. We are committed to honouring and protecting the security of your data, and ensuring that your information is always used and stored in accordance with our privacy policy.