UAB ŽIŪRA reminds that the insured can use the compulsory health insurance compensation for spectacle lenses.

We have signed a contract with the State Sickness Fund at the Medical Center, so it is mandatory for health when the persons covered by the insurance visit our opticians, part of the price or all of the glasses
the cost of lenses can be reimbursed from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF).

Spectacle lenses can be reimbursed for both children and adult patients, if the doctor the ophthalmologist determines that the acuity of the better-seeing eye with full correction does not exceed 0.5 visual acuity units. From 01.04.2024, most of the base price of spectacle lenses,
i.e. i.e. even 70% is compensated for all children up to 7 years of age, regardless of vision sharpness. In order to receive compensatory lenses from the PSDF, you must first apply to the eye
a doctor who will issue a referral, and come to our opticians with this referral (in our opticians from 07/01/2024).

For children, eyeglass lenses are reimbursed no more than once per doctor's referral year, and for adult patients – once every two years. Ordinary eyeglass lenses (which refractive power less than or equal to 6.0 spherical diopters and/or less than or equal to 2.0 for cylindrical diopters) the compensatory amount amounts to 95 euros, and for complex glasses lenses (with a refractive power greater than 6.0 spherical diopters and/or greater than 2.0 cylindrical diopters) – 148 euros.